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Conversation Peace

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Kategorie: Album
Interpret: Wonder, Stevie
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Von: Skywise Rheinland-Pfalz Privater Anbieter
55130 Mainz
Privater Anbieter aus Rheinland-Pfalz
Infos: Gesamtzeit: 73:58
Trackanzahl: 13
Veröffentlichung: 1995
Best.-Nr.: 530 238-2
Motown / Polydor / PolyGram

[01] Rain Your Love Down (6:08)
[02] Edge Of Eternity (6:03)
[03] Taboo To Love (4:24)
[04] Take The Time Out (5:05)
[05] I'm New (5:41)
[06] My Love Is With You (6:15)
[07] Treat Myself (Wonder / Andrews) (4:55)
[08] Tomorrow Robins Will Sing (Wonder / Shine) (4:45)
[09] Sensuous Whisper (5:47)
[10] For Your Love (5:00)
[11] Cold Chill (6:52)
[12] Sorry (6:14)
[13] Conversation Peace (6:41)

Written by Stevie Wonder
except [08], [09]

Stevie Wonder - All instruments, lead & backing vocals
Greg Phillinganes - Additional Keyboard ([02])
Lenny Castro - Percussion ([02])
Munyungo - Percussion ([02], [08])
Bill Summers - Percussion ([02])
Vinx - Percussion ([03])
Ernie Fields jr. - Tenor Sax ([02])
Raymond Brown - Tenor Sax ([02])
Gary Bias - Alto Sax ([02])
John Stephens - Alto Sax ([02])
Branford Marsalis - Sax ([09])
Ronald Brown - Trumpet ([02])
Nolan Smith jr. - Trumpet ([02])
Fernando Pullum - Trumpet ([02])
Jorge Arciniega - Trumpet ([02])
Terence Blanchard - Trumpet ([09])
Greg Moore - Guitar ([06])
Melvin "Wah-Wah" Ragin - Guitar ([11])
Ben Bridges - Guitar Solo ([11])
Nathan Watts - Bass ([10])
Kimberly Brewer - Background Vocals ([02], [06], [11])
Ladysmith Black Mambazo - Background Vocals ([04])
Take 6 - Background Vocals ([05])
Deniece Williams - Background Vocals ([05])
Daryl Coley - Background Vocals ([06])
Kenneth Lee Harris - Background Vocals ([06])
Bobette Jamison-Harrison - Background Vocals ([06])
Dorian Holley - Background Vocals ([06])
Syreeta Wright - Background Vocals ([06])
Aisha Zakiya Morris - Background Vocals ([06]), "Conversation" / "Conversation Peace" ([13])
Nathan Watts - "Nobody Disses Me" Character ([06])
The Christian Entertainer's Fellowship - "Ban The Hand Gun"-Chant
Ollie E. Brown - Conductor ([06])
Akosua Bosia - Organisation ([06])
The Winans - Background Vocals ([07])
Keith John - Background Vocals ([07])
Marvin Winans - Background Vocal Arrangement ([07])
Edley Shine - Chatting & Background Vocals ([08])
Anita Baker - Background Vocals ([09])
Stephanie Andrews - Background "Uh" ([09])
Jazzyfatnastees - Background Vocals ([11])
Judy Delgado - Background Vocals ([12])
Katrina Harper - Background Vocals ([12])
Marvia King - Background Vocals ([12])
Melody McCully - Background Vocals ([12]), "Conversation" / "Conversation Peace" ([13])
Della Miles - Background Vocals ([12]), "Conversation" / "Conversation Peace" ([13])
Katrina Perkins - Background Vocals ([12])
Sounds Of Blackness - Backgroud Vocals ([13])
Gary Hines - Background Vocal Arrangement ([13])
Yolanda Simmonds - "Conversation" / "Conversation Peace" ([13])
Keita Sawandi Morris - "Conversation" / "Conversation Peace" ([13])
Mumtaz Ekow Morris - "Conversation" / "Conversation Peace" ([13])
Cheryl Stone - "Conversation" / "Conversation Peace" ([13])
Kwame Morris - "Conversation" / "Conversation Peace" ([13])
Josette Grant - "Conversation" / "Conversation Peace" ([13])
Sophia Mashanda Morris - "Conversation" / "Conversation Peace" ([13])
Lula Hardaway - "Conversation" / "Conversation Peace" ([13])
Milton Hardaway - "Conversation" / "Conversation Peace" ([13])
Calvin Hardaway - "Conversation" / "Conversation Peace" ([13])
Larry Hardaway - "Conversation" / "Conversation Peace" ([13])
Timothy Hardaway - "Conversation" / "Conversation Peace" ([13])
Charlene Atsumo - Strings, Flute & Harps ([03])
Susan Chatman - Strings, Flute & Harps ([03])
Richard Clark - Strings, Flute & Harps ([03])
Jim Getzoff - Strings, Flute & Harps ([03])
Harris Goldman - Strings, Flute & Harps ([03])
Felix Khomutov - Strings, Flute & Harps ([03])
Gary Kuo - Strings, Flute & Harps ([03])
Debra Price - Strings, Flute & Harps ([03])
James Sitterly - Strings, Flute & Harps ([03])
Jerome Webster - Strings, Flute & Harps ([03])
Tibor Zelig - Strings, Flute & Harps ([03])
Audrey Fischer - Strings, Flute & Harps ([03])
Lilia Kazakova - Strings, Flute & Harps ([03])
Zain Kahn - Strings, Flute & Harps ([03])
Thomas Tally - Strings, Flute & Harps ([03])
Wally DeAlmeida - Strings, Flute & Harps ([03])
Gary Glek-Shlimovich - Strings, Flute & Harps ([03])
Gordon Halligan - Strings, Flute & Harps ([03])
Mark Gargill - Strings, Flute & Harps ([03])
Dr. Henry Panion III - String Arrangement ([03]), Orchestration ([03])
Charles Veal - Concert Master ([03])

Arranged & produced by Stevie Wonder
Associate Produced by Nathan Watts, Derrick Perkins & Vaughn Halyard

Engineered & mixed by: Van Arden
except [06], [12] Mixed by Robert Margouleff & Brant Biles

Recorded at Wonderland Studios & I DER I Mobile Unit - California, Record One - California, The Hit Factory - California, Pearl Sound Studios LTD - Michigan, Paisley Park Studios - Minnesota
Mixed at Wonderland Studios, I DER I Mobile Unit - California, Record One - California
Additional Engineering by Steve Durkee, R. R. Harlan, Kimm James
Assistant Engineering by Jim Champagne, Ryan Foster, Anthony Gallagher, Tim Hoogenakker, Grant Mohrman, Neil Perry, James "Rock'n'Roll" Sandweiss
Original Loops & Programming: Derrick Perkins
Sound Combinations - Mark Cross
Custom Software Design - Robert Arbittier
Digital Editing / Album Assembly - Stevie Wonder, Robert Arbittier
Digital Audio / Midi Manipulation - Robert Arbittier
Equipment Techs - Michael Parish, Peter Vargo
Cover Coordinator - Milton Hardaway
Stevland Morris Music Project Manager - Stephanie Andrews
Motown: Executive In Charge Of Production - Steve McKeever
Art Direction / Digital Illustration - Jonathan Clark
Graphic Design - Shauna Woods
Photography - Todd Gray
A&R Project Coordinators - Karen Kwak, Lisa Smith-Craig

Thanks To:
The Staffs of Motown Record Company, L. P. And PolyGram Holding Inc.

A Special Thanks To:
Jheryl Busby, Clarence Avant, Alain Levy, David Munns, Steve McKeever, Collette Bannister, James Cochran, Jerri-Lee Connell, Jonathan Clark, David Cline, Lisa Smith-Craig, Oscar Fields, Renee Givens, Gwen Irby, Mark Kargol, Karen Kwak, John Loken, Cynthia Manley, C. L. Merritt, Michael Mitchell, Gwen Priestley, Karen Sherlock, Charles Wilson

And A Special Thanks To:
Aceguard, Inc., Gary Adante, Johnny Akwaboah, Lamarr Algee, James Allen, Trini Alvarez, Vida Amuah, George Asturias, Paul Baucume, Jim Baldree, Chris Bellman, Clyde Benson, Joe Birkman, President Paul Biya, Bill Black, Letitia Body, The Family Of Houphouet Boijny, The Brewer Family, Gerald Brown, CAA, Kari Camelio, George Carey, Susan Carter, Steve Claflin, Charlie "Jazzbo" Collins, Ardanna Colson, Chet Comitz, Lamont Crawford, Mark Cross, Clive Davis, President Abdon Diouf, Sondra Dixon, Robert Donnell, Jiri Donovsky, John Du Vall, Carmen Efferson, Kelly Erwin, Carl Everett, Sheila Evers, Eric Fahlberg, Nancy Fields, Bill Francis, Tim Francis, Rodney Franklin, David Gantz, Jason Goldstein, Mitch Goldstein, Steve Goldstein, Roddrick Gordon, Todd Gray, Bernie Grundman, Dave Hadler, Calvin Hardaway, Renee Hardaway, John Harris, Keith Harris, Mark Holt, Grafton Howard, Ben Ing, Herman Jackson, Jimmy Jam, Victor Janacua, Marlon Jenkins, Steve Johannessen, Keith John, Quincy Jones, Tim Jordan, Steve Joyce, Eileen Keita, Ibraham Keita, Khamit Kinks, Jerry Kovarsky, Wolfgang Kundrus, Theresa Cropper Kyles, Brian LaRoda, Prestonia (Annu) Lawrence, Terry Lewis, Diane Louie, Tony McCully, Rod McGrew, Jim Meres, Philip Miles, John Molino, David Noel, Noisy Neighbors, Mo Ostin, Dalton Priddy, Rob Prinz, Steve Procaccini, President Jerry Rawlings, Don Robinson, John Paul Rosa, Mickey Rutman, Leon Saunders, Claris Sayadian, Joe Schiff, Terry Shelley, Aaron Sherer, Allen Sides, Marc Silag, The Simmons Family, Damian Smith, Ricky Smith, Abdoulaye Soumare, Bob Stillman, Lisa Stuck, Chaz Taylor, Jim Taylor, Ron Taylor, Richard Tracy, Travelling Taj, Greg Upshaw, J. Vigoda, Larry & Ann Waggoner, Kitson Walker, Mike Wambsgans, Kirby Washington, Ray Williams, Val Williams, Eddie Wolfl, Kimberly Wright, Sam Yeboah, rick Zunigar

And A Special Thanks To:
Karen Slade And The Taxi Family

And A Special Thanks To:
Ghana ... Thanks for accepting me with open arms.

Love Symbol [Prince]:
I thought hearts like yours no longer exists. Thank you for sharing your gift of incredible genius and music with me.

To All That Participated In This Project:
I will have many a conversation about how if you were not involved, it would not have taken "Conversation Peace" to its greatest height. History is for making and for as long as conversation and peace are synonymous with this work ... so shall you too, be. Thank you for being my fortress of hope and a soldier in my army of love.

To The Loves Of My Love:
I Love You.

... And a spirit, not in or of this world came to me and said, the only way that we can begin to make a difference in our world is to acknowledge that we must have the greatest desire for all to be equal and that we have no ability without the will of the Almighty. But, why should He hear us when most conversations are of everything but peace? If mankind wants to be heard, we must first be submissive to the Almighty and be a willing participant for the good of all when we cry out to him Rain Your Love Down, won't you rain down your love. Standing on the Edge Of Eternity can be good or bad, either of which is determined by the road that we choose in our love-taking or love-making. There needn't be a Taboo To Love, if you truly Take The Time Out with your heart, to love. I'm New, not only beacuse your love is with mith, but at peace because I know My Love Is With You. What can be greater treasure than to Treat Myself to a requited love? It will take me through life's darkest nights and lead me to a time and place when Tomorrow Robins Will Sing, blue jays will fly, eyes will be dry, and a Sensuous Whisper will say, For Your Love, I will do anything and no Cold Chill will stop me, no Sorry will convince me, only love ... love for life ... love for lives ... love for living ... love for giving ... love for giving in ... selflessly, so that selfishly all can win, not in a demolition feast, but in a Conversation Peace.
Stevland Morris a/k/a - Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder kann einfach keine richtig schlechten Alben machen. Soweit sein Ruf in der Musikbranche. Wahrscheinlich sogar berechtigterweise - es gibt vielleicht einige kreative Durchhänger bei einzelnen Stücken, aber keines seiner Alben ist so schlecht, daß man es am liebsten nicht mehr auflegen würde. Dieser Ruf kann einerseits ein Segen sein - immerhin sichert er einem praktisch die Rente -, andererseits werden die Erwartungen an das jeweils nächste Album stark hochgeschraubt ... und das verträgt nicht jeder.
Nachdem Stevie Wonder die 80er irgendwie gemütlich hat ausklingen lassen (sein '87er Album "Characters" war zwar ziemlich kommerziell, aber auf seine Weise grundsolide), arbeitete er an einem Soundtrack ("Jungle Fever"), ehe er sein nächstes Studioalbum in Angriff nahm. Satte acht Jahre nach "Characters" legte er mit "Conversation Peace" ein neues Album vor, das Stevie Wonders Ruf erneut gerecht wird - so richtig schlecht ist es nicht. Es sind ein paar schöne Ideen drauf, die musikalische Bandbreite wird neu ausgelotet, Stevie Wonder beweist, daß er immer noch tolle Melodien schreiben kann, aber auch gleichzeitig für neue Einflüsse wie etwa HipHop offen ist (wie sich an einigen verwendeten Rhythmen und Stilelementen zeigt), die grundlegende Botschaft des Albums ist ebenfalls typisch für ihn, seine Instrumente beherrscht er immer noch ... und trotzdem klingt es manchmal so, als habe er selbst zuviel gewollt und es damit unbewußt übertrieben. Das soll jetzt nicht auf die fast schon mörderisch lange Liste der Mitmusiker hinweisen - diese halten sich brav im Hintergrund und geben ihr Möglichstes, den Meister bei seiner Arbeit zu unterstützen und ihm nicht übereifrig ins Handwerk zu pfuschen. Aber Stevie Wonder ist das richtige Maß abhanden gekommen. Viele der Stücke werden künstlich in die Länge gezogen - bei den meisten war schon nach gut vier Minuten alles gesagt, und trotzdem wurden sie noch mühsam über die 5- oder sogar 6-Minuten-Grenze geschleift. Und vielleicht hätte er sich auch noch mal überlegen können, einen oder eventuell sogar zwei Titel wegzustreichen, die musikalische Fremdentwicklungen lediglich noch einmal im Stevie-Wonder-Stil abhaken und ansonsten nicht viel zu bieten haben ...
Doch aller Kritik zum Trotz - es ist einfach kein schlechtes Album. Der Druck des guten Rufs wird sich nach diesem Album noch ein wenig erhöht haben ... Stevie Wonder ließ sich für einen Nachfolger satte 10 Jahre (!) Zeit, wodurch "Conversation Peace" zum einzigen "echten" Stevie-Wonder-Studio-Album der 90er wurde, flankiert von besagtem Soundtrack (1991) und einem Live-Album, das sogar noch im selben Jahr erschien (1995).
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Gespeichert: 07.05.2008
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